Keith Colacicco

Keith Colacicco began his musical career as a 7-year-old when he performed the song “Wild Thing” on his electric guitar for classmates and faculty at his elementary school. The experience…


Emilia Lopez-Yañez

Emilia Lopez-Yañez was born into a musical family in San Diego, California, where she grew up singing, dancing, playing the oboe, and doing just about every musical activity imaginable. She…


Veronika Luu

Veronika Luu was born in Budapest, Hungary, and grew up in Germany where, as a child, she sang on children’s music recordings. She continued her music education, learning to play…

Anne Kelly-Saxenmeyer

PLAY’s original art teacher, Anne started PLAY with her husband, James, in 2004 and has been writing Messy Mixed Media lessons and training art facilitators for the past 15+ years….

Anne art room


Veronika & Emilia are once again co-teaching (separately) our Sunday morning PLAY music Zooms. These two love working together and making music with you from home! Bring them along wherever…

Veronika Emilia