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Thanks for your interest in PLAY. Since 2004, we’ve been offering classes and community for families with kids from birth to five, for 17 of those years at our Mid-Wilshire space, and since 2022, all over Los Angeles.

PLAY specializes in music and art, and most of our activities are designed for children to participate in along with parents or caregivers. In the design of our spaces and programs, we strive to create an environment that encourages exploration, and is fun and exciting both for kids and their adults.

We offer a full schedule of session-based PLAY music classes for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their families, as well as classes just for 4- and 5-year-olds. PLAY music is our original, music-and-movement curriculum, which we developed with the help of local artists and educators, implemented in January 2010, and have been building on ever since. We’ve had over a thousand families participate in the program between our Mid-Wilshire location, our pre-pandemic program at The Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens, and our outpost at Silverlake Conservatory of Music since 2017, plus many more through our partnerships with non-profits that serve Head Start and Early Head Start families since 2018.

During our 17 years at our Mid-Wilshire space, we offered drop-in and session based art activities and classes six days a week for toddlers to 5. Since summer 2022, we’ve taken our art classes on the road, serving many groups of PLAY families in their backyards, driveways, garages & carports. We spend a lot of our time planning process-based art lessons for ages 2-5, and developing sustainable, portable art equipment & practices (and sharing those with other educators through our professional development workshops), and we’re working on bringing our art offerings back to a public audience.

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