Make art with friends in your own backyard (or carport, or driveway)! We’ll bring you a weekly, 45-minute, parent-and-child art class for 4 to 8 children (ages 2-5) when you schedule a 6- to 10-week session. Each child (or pair of siblings) must be accompanied by a participating parent or caregiver. Classes are process-based and customized for the age range of your group, drawing from our Messy Mixed Media curriculum, and the practices we developed during our 17 years of drop-in Messy Art at PLAY. (Scheduling is subject to teacher availability & location.)

Our goals when we visit you weekly for art:

  • Give children the opportunity to experiment freely with interesting materials.
  • Empower them with words to describe the things art does.
  • Expose them to diverse viewpoints through discussions of art.
  • Over time, help children to gain familiarity with and ownership of a variety of methods and materials they can call upon and use with flexibility when they decide to make things.
  • Entrust them with age-appropriate responsibilities, gradually involving them in every part of the art-making process, including set up, clean up, and thinking about water use and the environmental impact of our materials.
  • Have lots of fun, and appreciate each other’s work.

If you’re hosting, we’ll ask you:

  • to provide a flat, child-safe, and reliably dry and shaded area, large enough for our teacher and your whole group
  • to confirm participation with your group before we set up your private registration page

Your participants will need:

  • to wear “messy” clothes or bring their own art aprons

Our mobile art set-up is eco-friendly, and features our original, portable, cardboard easels. In teaching outdoor classes since the summer of ’22, we’ve found many ways to limit water use for materials clean-up. (We have it down to a gallon per two kids, or less.)


Size of GroupPer child/ per class rate (minimum 6-class session)
4-5 children$45 each*
6 children$40 each*
7-8 children$35 each*

*pricing may vary based on travel distance

Health & Safety

PLAY complies with all CDC & LA County orders and recommendations regarding activities taking place in youth environments. All PLAY staff are fully vaccinated and boosted. All classes are held outdoors, and masking is optional for participants. If you have requests regarding masking or proof of vaccination, we will be happy to discuss those with you before beginning your enrollment process.