Rubin Hohlbein is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and composer. You can find him playing keyboards and trumpet in the Jolee Gordon Band, playing in his band, Queen Crony, teaching private music lessons around L.A., doing solo sets of original music, and teaching both music and mobile art classes for PLAY. His background is in jazz trumpet, but while in college he branched out into other instruments and focused on writing music. Through the process of making merchandise for bands, he developed a strong interest in textile arts. Rubin enjoys making clothes from scratch, as well as patching and mending. Other arts he enjoys include airbrushing, drawing, and writing poetry. In May 2018 Rubin graduated from New England Conservatory with a B.A. in Contemporary Improvisation. He is passionate about helping kids explore their creativity and boosting their self esteem as they do it. His approach to teaching focuses on creating respectful spaces where we can learn to value each other as creative human beings regardless of our skills or backgrounds.