Plan a little fun with friends on a weekday! One-time PLAY music or art classes (or combo classes) at your home are available Monday through Friday. These are a fun way to get together with friends for some family music or art, or to try out our private group classes if you’re interested in hosting a session in the fall.

How to reserve your date:
Confirm a date & time with us. Time slots are 40-45 minutes for music or art, approximately 1 hour & 25 minutes for a music/art combo, and available Monday-Friday with start times between 9:30am and 3:30pm (subject to availability).

Pay your flat reservation fee of $240 for music or art, or $360 for a music/art combo, which includes up to 6 child participants. How you arrange this with your group is up to you. We’ll just need a participant list before the date, and the precise age-range of your group by two weeks prior, so we can customize your class. (*Pricing & availability may vary based on travel distance.)

More than 6 kids? You may add additional participants for an additional charge (listed below).

Participation & Supervision: All children must have participating parents or caregivers in attendance who are responsible for their safety at all times.

Changes & cancellations: With at least seven days notice, you may cancel your date minus a $50 fee. Less than seven days prior to your date, all fees are non-refundable. One date change (with at least 48 hours notice) is available at no charge.

FAQs at a Glance

PLAY music classPLAY art classMusic/Art Combo
Age range6 months – 5 years2-5 years6 months – 5 years for music, 2-5 years for art
Space needsa clear, child-safe, indoor space, large enough for our teacher and your whole group to sit in a circle and also get up for movement, or an outdoor space as described at righta flat, child-safe, reliably dry and shaded outdoor space, large enough for our teacher and your whole groupsee left
Participants should wear/bringbring a small blanket to sit on for outdoor locations (and for babies in indoor or outdoor locations)child & adult participants should wear “messy” clothes or bring their own art aprons; if we’re painting on paper, we’ll ask you (the host) to set up a clothesline with clips so we can leave your paintings behind to dryall described at left
Adding additional participants (beyond the included 6)Add up to 4 more child participants @ $35 eachAdd up to 2 more child participants @ $35 eachAdd up to 2 more music/art participants @ $55 each; or up to 4 more music-only participants @ $30 each (max of 8 for art and 10 for music)
Parent/Caregiver Participation & Supervisionis required; read more about our music curriculum hereis required; read more about our art program hereis required; see left

Health & Safety

PLAY complies with all CDC & LA County orders and recommendations regarding activities taking place in youth environments. All PLAY staff are fully vaccinated and boosted, and masking is optional for participants. If you have requests regarding masking or proof of vaccination, we will be happy to discuss those with you before beginning your enrollment process.