Late last summer my husband, James, and I happened to be with some teenagers (including ours) who had been hiking for several weeks. The routes they had traveled, and much of their conversation, centered on water, from the sludgiest, green-brown water–which they were still able to treat, filter, and drink–to the pond water that we were all drinking those few days, which they assured us was great (and it was).

Back home, it’s easy to take water for granted, even with all the things it does and is, but I try to always appreciate and respect it, and to share that with my younger kids. At PLAY, I appreciate all the ways water can be a medium for fun in the art room, by itself or when we add color. In the music room, I love that there are so many ways to sing about bodies of water, and to move like water, that capture kids’ imaginations.

We’re all about water this week. (You’d better be too in this heat.) Complete info on the week’s activities is below.

Hope to see you at PLAY–

rainbow tie dye

Summer Ponds in PLAY music

In Summer PLAY music we’ve been singing two songs that take us to summertime ponds: “Crawdad Song,” a traditional song from the American South that gives us a chance to do some casting and reeling, and “Frog Pong Paper Story.” Check out the VIDEOS for both and play along at home : ).

View the schedules for Summer PLAY music (ENROLL) & Fall PLAY music SHORTS (ENROLL).

tie dye

Messy Mixed Media: Water Paints & Washable Tie Dye

The 2- to 5-year-olds in our session-based art program, Messy Mixed Media, are just getting started on three weeks of projects that will end in a “camping trip.” This week, they’ll be painting with water, and using washable materials to experiment with tie dye  in the kiddie pool…

Join the fun: This is the last week to jump in late for Summer Messy Mixed Media  (ENROLL). You can also sign-up for our September Art SHORT, featuring projects inspired by Frida Kahlo, Faith Ringgold & Maya Lin (ENROLL).

(To see how our projects shape up, follow us on Instagram.)


Stories & Art: Stanley Goes Fishing

This Thursday, we’ll be reading one of Craig Frazier’s vibrant and imaginative Stanley books–Stanley Goes Fishing–followed by art time inspired by the book. Arrive by 10am to catch the reading. Toddlers to five; drop-in. Complete info is here.

Every Thursday, 10-11:30

water paints and tissue

Messy Art

During Messy Art hours this week, we’ll offer you some water paints and bleeding art tissue to experiment with. Toddlers to five; drop-in. Complete info on drop-in art is here.

Mon. 10-12
Tues. 10-12
Fri. 10:45-12
Sat. 10:45-12

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Save 20% on Art Supplies This Week

Paint or draw with cool, watery hues at home.  Save 20%* when you bring home art supplies or craft kits from our store this week (through Monday 8/12) .

*Offer does not combine with other discounts.

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