PLAY turned 15 in August, so we spent the Labor Day break working on a little tie dye project to celebrate. These kids’ shirts (in 2T, 3T, and 4T) and quite a few more will be on sale at PLAY starting Wednesday morning (and we’re having a music party too). Net proceeds from the shirts will be donated to the ACLU.

We’ve been tie dyeing all summer, starting when our daughters’ summer camp lost one of the tie dye shirts they had made. There were tears. I grumbled, bought all the stuff, and planned a family tie dyeing day during the July 4th weekend, though I hadn’t tried it before. It was wonderful! (When we stumble upon something that our 5-year-olds and 16-year-old son–who lives in tie dye–genuinely enjoy together, I’m just sold. I look around and hope no one is noticing how much happiness I’m getting away with.)

The best things we’ve made at PLAY (and PLAY itself) have been inspired by these kinds of accidental moments with our kids. When we incorporated our business in August 2004, we were a young(ish) married couple of 5 years, and our son was almost 2. We’re very grateful that you’ve allowed us to play with songs, paint, and stories for essentially our whole life as a young family. We look forward to more : ) .

Thanks for everything, and see you at PLAY–
Anne & James

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