Private, outdoor, mobile art classes are available for ages 2-5. Info is HERE. To check availability, please send us an email with a little info about your location, age group, number of kids, and schedule needs.

Some photos taken pre-COVID.

Messy Mixed Media

Messy Mixed Media is a facilitated, parent-and-child art class for ages 3 to 5. We introduce different methods and materials each week in projects that encourage children to express themselves, to make independent choices and evaluations of their work, to develop fine motor skills in age-appropriate ways, and to approach their art-making with a sense of fun and appreciation.

Each session of Messy Mixed Media is different, but frequent activities include print-making; sculpting or construction with recycled wood, cardboard, and clay; activities incorporating collage, paint, and drawing materials; and projects inspired by great artists. We often utilize recycled materials, and in doing so it’s our goal to give children a beginning sense of earth-friendly art practices and to have them begin to see the potential art in everyday objects.

Some Messy Mixed Media from 2022