Most photos taken pre-COVID.

Messy Mixed Media

Messy Mixed Media is a facilitated, parent-and-child art class for ages 3 to 5. We introduce different methods and materials each week in projects that encourage children to express themselves, to make independent choices and evaluations of their work, to develop fine motor skills in age-appropriate ways, and to approach their art-making with a sense of fun and appreciation.

Each session of Messy Mixed Media is different, but frequent activities include print-making; sculpting or construction with recycled wood, cardboard, and clay; activities incorporating collage, paint, and drawing materials; and projects inspired by great artists. We often utilize recycled materials, and in doing so it’s our goal to give children a beginning sense of earth-friendly art practices and to have them begin to see the potential art in everyday objects.

What’s different about Messy Mixed Media right now? If you participated in Messy Mixed Media pre-COVID, you will notice a few differences. All projects have been adapted so that children can work individually with their grown-ups. (We will find ways to interact while maintaining distancing, but we won’t be sharing materials, or doing any of our whole-room installations for now.) We have also temporarily raised the age for this class to 3-5 (previously 2-5) because of the challenges of masking and distancing, combined with following along with a class format. For complete information about our safety protocols, please visit our what-to-expect page.


To reserve your spot in Messy Mixed Media, choose a weekly class time from the schedule and enroll online. We can accommodate a maximum of 4 children and 4 adults in our open classes. We are also arranging private classes for pods of 4-5 children in our art room at PLAY. (The cost per child is the same for both options.) To inquire about private class times, please email us.


Messy Mixed Media is currently being offered in 5-week sessions:
Winter ’22 Session One runs January 24th – February 24th .
Winter ’22 Session Two runs February 28th – March 31st.

Each session includes 5 weekly, 45-minute classes and costs $150 per child. The class is approximately 45 minutes long, but children are welcome to stay in the art room for up to a full hour if they would like a little more time with the materials.

*All enrollment fees are non-refundable. There are unfortunately no make-ups available for missed classes at this time.