Akira Yoshizawa, the modern master of origami who elevated it from children’s craft to living art form, designed this butterfly, along with many other models, often taking inspiration from the natural world. He also created the universal system of origami notation still used today, and pioneered the technique of “wet folding,” using water to make paper into a moldable material.

The simplest bit of wet folding helped me make some Yoshizawa butterflies out of material sturdy enough for kids to play with in the art room this week : ). Join us this Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday to paint one of these grocery bag butterflies, or incorporate it into one of your paintings. Messy Art is for ages 2-6. You can book from the schedule page or directly HERE. Please read our policies & what-to-expect page before planning your visit.

For a video tutorial on folding Yoshisawa’s butterfly from Origami Instructions on YouTube, click here.

Thanks & hope to see you!

A Springtime Butterfly Song

Sing along to PLAY’s recording of the Korean traditional butterfly song, “Nabiya,” with vocals by Clara Kim Shin & Angie Engelbart Eckel.