Like our art classes, PLAY art parties are all about process-oriented art. We don’t really do crafts, and you won’t hear us telling kids what to make or how to make it, though we’ll chat with them about their art and the materials if they welcome it! We provide materials that invite exploration and whatever degree of messy play the supervising parents and caregivers decide to allow, provided that we’re all playing safely and with respect for hosts’ spaces and our equipment. We enjoy the challenge of incorporating party themes into the art materials in simple ways, and can usually do so at no additional cost. Because of the nature of parties–guests arriving at different times, pausing for snacks, generally running around excited–we set up our activities for a set amount of time, and kids can walk up and do them when they’re ready with little to no instruction needed. (If you have something more structured and class-like in mind, just ask us about it, but we find that a looser format works best for celebrations.)

PLAY art parties are for kids ages 2-5 and include:

Easel painting at our portable standing easels, set with washable, non-toxic tempera paint, brushes, and optional texture tools and collage materials. (We paint on 18″x24″, 80lb white sulphite paper.) To set up our easels we’ll need a dry, flat, child-safe space large enough for your group, and we’ll need an outdoor water source. We tarp the area under the easels. For the best experience for your guests, please take into account the weather, time of day, and shade situation. Before the party, we’ll ask you to set up a drying line with clips for your paintings so we may leave them behind to dry and be retrieved by your guests as they leave. (If you would like us to purchase a line & clips for you and set them up, you may request that upon booking.) Please ask your guests to wear messy clothes or bring their own aprons or art smocks. We can also recommend art smocks if you would like to purchase them as party favors.

Optional add on: Play dough with tools at a walk up table. (You provide the table.) We make our own play dough from food safe ingredients, although it’s never a good idea for people or pets to eat play dough because of its high salt content. For this reason, and to save you and your guests from finding play dough under the couch cushions next week, we’ll discard the dough when art time is over. Dough tools and play objects that we bring include recycled materials, wood dowel rollers, and natural (plant) materials. We don’t use any plastic consumables (one-time-use, plastic knick-knacks), but occasionally we’ll bring a few indestructable toys from our collection that play well with the dough. (We take these with us when we leave so we can reuse them.)


all prices are based a 1-hour art offering (with kids making art for as long as they choose within that hour)

Activity# of child participantsStaff membersCost
Easel Paintingup to 61$300
up to 81-2$325
up to 102$350
Optional Play Dough Add-onup to 6$100
up to 10$125
Additional 1/2 hour (any package)$75
Optional Drying Line & clips set-up $30

Other things to know

  • We take a non-refundable deposit of $75.00 (for a basic art party) or $150.00 (with any add ons) to hold your date upon booking. You will be invoiced for the balance due on the day of the party.
  • If you are planning to hold your event anywhere other than your private home (like a park) we will need something in writing from the venue that states you have permission to include an outside vendor with art materials and equipment at your event.
  • If you need to reschedule your party date due to weather, we can reschedule with 24 hours notice. Requests to reschedule for all other reasons will require 72 hours notice. If you reschedule with less than 24 hours notice for any reason, you will forfeit your deposit.