Everything-but-the-Pumpkin Collage Box

fall fun from the art room at PLAY

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Once again, we’ve put our fall pumpkin & gourd decorating tradition from PLAY in a box. The Everything-but-the-Pumpkin Collage Box is a slightly less messy version of what we do in the art room every October to celebrate the season of the cucurbits, and unleash kids’ creativity on pumpkins that will last a while longer than their carved counterparts. A complete list of what’s included is below. *Please note: Families with remaining Spring 2020 class credits (for PLAY music or Messy Mixed Media) are welcome to apply them toward box purchases.

What’s Inside:

*Pumpkins are not included, and colors of materials vary. One box includes enough materials to decorate at least two medium pumpkins or several minis. Cost of the kit: $25

  • One set of Ooly Chunkies Paint Sticks (6 colors)
  • One 6 oz. squeeze bottle of white, water-based glue
    • a craft stick for spreading glue
  • 40 small circle stickers (4 colors)
  • 16 eyeball stickers (sized for minis)
  • Yarn
  • Four 4″ squares of felt (assorted colors)
  • Heaping handful of paper shred (2 colors)
  • Collage materials come in both 4″ to 6″ rectangles, and in pre-cut, mostly geometric shapes and include:
    • corrugated paper
    • tissue paper
    • heavyweight crepe paper
    • painted and unpainted construction paper

This is a process oriented kit. It comes with a few tips about the materials, but without instructions! To allow for your child’s creativity, some of the materials are not pre-cut. Many of these are great for crumpling and tearing. A few (really just the felt & yarn) will require the help of an adult equipped with scissors (not included).

Safety Information: The Everything-But-The-Pumpkin Collage Box is recommended for ages 3-6 with adult supervision & participation, and contains items that may be potential choking hazards.

Covid Precautions: All boxes will be packed and prepped by me (Anne). I will take all precautions to ensure that all of your items are safe to handle.