Camping Box

based on a favorite summer project sequence from Messy Mixed Media at PLAY

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We’re excited to offer you the Camping Box, a Messy Mixed Media multi-project kit, based on three days of “camping” we enjoyed with PLAY kids exactly a year ago in the art room. A complete list of what’s included is below. *Please note: Families with remaining Spring 2020 class credits (for PLAY music or Messy Mixed Media) are welcome to apply them toward Camping Box purchases.

What’s Inside:

  • Washable Tie-Dye Tarp Project:
    • A piece of unbleached, unfinished muslin (approx 42″ x 54″)
    • Three 4 oz squeeze bottles of washable tie-dye solution (red, yellow & blue) made from non-toxic liquid watercolor & water. *Using a washable solution makes this more fun to do with young kids than regular tie-dye (which, of course, stains). If you wash your tarp, the paint will wash out.
    • A reusable project tray (also used for the forest animal project; colors vary)
    • Rubber bands
    • White coffee filters (for experimenting with extra dye)
  • Paper Bag Forest Animal Project:
    • A stuffed, paper bag base
    • A variety of handmade collage materials, tissue paper, and recycled materials
    • Yarn
    • A roll of craft tape
    • A reusable, non-spill paint cup (with glue), and a brush
  • Camping Day:
    • A paper campfire set (card stock flames & recycled logs)
    • The box your supplies come in has been modified and can be used as a base for a mini-tent. (It’s sized for your favorite stuffed animal, as shown in the video.)
    • Fireside songs, art & a story:
      • A hardcover book from our retail selection for story time by the campfire (titles vary)
      • An Ooly Paint Pods watercolor set & 8 sheets of watercolor paper
      • On a private webpage, three campfire songs from PLAY music with lead sheets & downloadable tracks
  • Also on your Camping Box webpage:
    • For grown-ups, brief tutorial videos to help you with each project. We’ll also include quick reference pdfs as needed (so that you don’t have to refer to the videos when you’re in the thick of it : ).

Safety Information: The Camping Box is recommended for ages 3-6 with adult supervision & participation, and contains a few items that may be potential choking hazards.

Covid Precautions: All boxes will be packed and prepped by me (Anne) at PLAY. I will be masked, and I will take all precautions to ensure that all of your items are safe to handle.

from our first pick-up on Aug. 8th