The information below refers to our in-person art programs at PLAY (Mid-Wilshire).

We have been thrilled to welcome you and your children back into our art room to paint. What we’re able to offer at this time is different from what you may remember from the past (but still very fun). We ask you to please read this page carefully before planning your visit. We hope to see you soon. 🎨

*NEW Messy Art Options (12/3/21): You can book just one visit, or any combination of available dates at our new Messy Art scheduler. The single-visit Messy Art cost per child is $20 (with a 10% discount when you book 4-7 admissions in one transaction; 20% when you book 8 or more). You can also book a regular, weekly Messy Art time at the lowest rate for all available dates HERE.

A recent update to our art room policies: For all art room registrations, we are now requiring proof of vaccination for attending adults. *We are following the procedures in LA City’s SafePassLA ordinance (in effect as of November 8, 2021) for our vaccine requirement. You can read the ordinance HERE.

Once you or your caregiver have your proof of vaccination on file with us, you will not need to show it again. At the same time, we are slightly loosening our rules about additional people in the art room. If you would like to bring along your non-mobile baby (in a car seat or carrier), or an additional adult (with proof of vaccination) we will simply need you to notify us upon registration so we can insure that the overall number of people in room remains low. Masks will still be required for everyone 2 years and up, regardless of vaccination status. If the CDC & LA County’s guidance for youth environments changes in a way that allows children over 2 years to go unmasked indoors during activities, we will adjust our policy accordingly.


Due to COVID-19, before coming to PLAY for your scheduled Messy Art appointment or Messy Mixed Media class, please do a self wellness check at home for any signs of illness, including: fever, cough, shortness of breath, or any other possibly troubling signs. If you observe any of these symptoms in yourself or your child, please stay home. As always, our main goal is for PLAY to be a safe, clean, and healthy environment for children, and we can only achieve this with the help of all of our families.


You will have already signed an electronic wavier/liability form upon booking and paying for your Messy Art appointment or Messy Mixed Media class. (*If your child is attending with a caregiver, he or she will have to fill out a separate form.) In addition to your at-home wellness check, we will be doing a wellness screening at the door, including a temperature check using a no-contact thermometer. Please note, if anyone in your party has a temperature of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above, or is showing outward signs of illness, you will not be permitted on the premises. Please note that your prepaid fee is NON-REFUNDABLE if we have to turn you away due to any signs of illness.

We are generally limiting the number of people permitted inside the art room during each block to 4 children with 1 accompanying adult each. *If you would like to bring along your non-mobile baby (in a car seat or carrier), or an additional adult (with proof of vaccination) we will simply need you to request this upon registration so we can insure that the overall number of people in room remains low. Please do not bring any people with you other than the participants you have registered. (More information on siblings participating together is below.)

We require the use of face coverings at ALL TIMES for everyone 2 years and up. Face coverings must fit properly, covering your nose and mouth.

All employees whom you will interact with at PLAY will be wearing face coverings at all times and are all fully vaccinated with one of the currently approved COVID-19 vaccines for everyone’s safety.

Our community area is empty of toys during this time, and is currently being used as our music room. (If music class is in progress, we’ll meet you at the art room door.) Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your scheduled time so we can invite you directly into the art room to get set up after your wellness check.

Please do not bring any food with you. There is NO FOOD allowed in the space at this time. Water bottles are allowed in all rooms.

Please keep your child with you at all times, and maintain a distance of 6 feet between yourselves and others whenever possible while on the premises.

All common areas will be disinfected frequently. We have added an air purifier with a HEPA filter to the main space as well a MERV13 hospital grade air filter to the AC unit in the art room.

Hand sanitizer will be supplied in all rooms, and we encourage you to wash your hands thoroughly for at least 20 seconds with soap and water as recommended by the CDC before and after participating in activities at PLAY.

easel rainbow


If you test positive for COVID–19 within 2-3 weeks of visiting us, please notify PLAY as soon as possible so we can take appropriate steps to notify anyone who may have been exposed.


If you would like to book a private hour of Messy Art (ages 2-6) or a private Messy Mixed Media class (ages 3-5) for your small learning pod, please contact us. The same policies & protocols apply.


The recommended age range for Messy Art at this time is 2-6 years. For Messy Mixed Media classes, the range is 3-5 years. Because of the necessary limitations we are working within, visiting PLAY for art at this time will not be appropriate for every child in this range. Children will have to be masked during their entire visits, they will need to stay with you and follow your directions in order to maintain distancing, and we will unfortunately not have other activity options for them in the space if they are not interested in what we are doing in the art room.

If your child is well accustomed to participating in activities while masked (2+), is willing and able to follow your directions, and loves to make art with you, we hope you’ll consider a visit. If your child isn’t comfortable with one or more of these things, please think about waiting until all of these restrictions have been lifted to visit us. We want everyone who visits us for art to have a very positive experience.


…anything white, suede, or anything you or your child loves dearly. We will still be providing smocks for both children and adults during this time; however, smocks are not required and if you prefer to bring your own smocks, aprons, or art shirts (any oversized shirt from home that can double as a smock) we encourage you to do so, as this will help us reduce laundry.

As always, the tempera we use is washable, but even “washable” paints occasionally stain. In Messy Art, how messy you get is really up to you (within reason). Painting is much more fun for both children and adults if there are no worries about clothing.


We don’t allow strollers in the space, but we’ll lend you a bike lock if you want to leave it out front, and there is ample space for locking it up. We’ll ask you to remove your shoes in the art room.


For info about session-based Messy Mixed Media classes (ages 3-5), please click HERE.


We are offering 1-hour blocks of time in our art room for parent-and-child Messy Art. (This not a Messy Mixed Media class with projects, but more similar to what we did during drop-in Messy Art in the past.)

Your easel will be set with tempera paint, paper, and brushes. After your child has had a little time with these materials, we will offer collage materials (which will be different each week) and/or different painting tools. Our art facilitator will assist you as needed with hanging paintings, refreshing paints, and offering materials; however, much of what you need will already be at your easel, and our facilitator will give you space to enjoy making art with your child unless you need her assistance.

On Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays, blocks are available by appointment from 9:30am-10:30am & 11:00am-12:00pm. Once your hour is up or your child is finished painting, we will ask you to promptly exit the building via the art room exit door. The community area will be open for shopping only, and we’ll ask you to please not congregate there with other families after painting.

There is a 30 minute break between the two scheduled blocks, during which the space will be cleaned and the art room reset entirely with new paints, materials, and tools.

Art room


Once you have booked your Messy Art spot, your payment is non-refundable. However, you may SWITCH your booked spot to another open day/time, provided that you contact us by email at least 24 HOURS prior to your originally booked time.

If we need to cancel your appointment due to under-booking or for any other reason, we will notify you by the day prior and refund your payment for that visit in full.

If you have a CLASS CREDIT on file from a cancelled Spring 2020 session class and would like to use it toward Messy Art, please contact us and we will assist you.

Unfortunately, due to added expenses during this time, previously issued PLAY ART CARDS are not valid for Messy Art at this time. As soon as we are able to expand our services back to pre-COVID capacity, we will begin accepting PLAY ART CARDS again. Thank you for your understanding.


Yes, as long as they are within the 2-6 age range. When attending with two children, you may bring a second adult. (If you are comfortable and confident attending to both children by yourself, you may forgo bringing a second adult.) If you would like to attend with three siblings within the age range, you will need to bring at least two adults. (Please email us with any further questions about this.)

What about siblings under two? At this time the minimum age for participating in art at PLAY is two years. This is because we recognize that the necessary restrictions in the space right now do not allow us to create a developmentally appropriate environment for young toddlers during art.